I know a youngster who would like to join 1st Woodend?

Their names should be added to our waiting lists as early as possible.  Ask the parents to use the Contact form on the purple navigation bar, providing their child’s name, address, telephone number and date of birth. 

Will my child have a place in the next section?

Beavers will automatically receive a place in Cubs, likewise Cubs to Scouts and Scouts to Explorers. Unfortunately we can’t always guarantee a space on a particular night although we will make every effort to eventually accommodate the young people on their chosen evening. Parents will receive a letter or email advising of the move to the new section a couple of weeks before the start of a new term. Beavers will move up on the nearest term start to when they are 8, likewise Cubs at 10.5.  If a young person is not quite ready to make the move, we are allowed to be a little flexible in delaying their move up.

What is the 4 week rule?

If a Beaver, Cub or Scout has been absent from 4 meetings in a row and we haven’t received any communication from the family we will reallocate the place to a child on the waiting list. Note – we do keep a register and do notice absence patterns ie attending one week in four to keep the place open or avoiding the physical activities!  If there is a problem with attendance please let us know as soon as possible. If your child does decide to stop attending please let their Section Leader know as soon as possible and you must cancel your standing order as we can not do this for you.

What about my standing order?

The standing order runs continuously through all of the Sections.  When a Scout is ready to move on to the Explorers the 1st Woodend standing order must be stopped and a new one started with the Explorer Section as they control their own finances.  Only you can stop a standing order!

My child is not enjoying Beaver/Cubs/Scouts

If there is a problem, we need to know. Please discuss this with your child’s Leader in the first instance. If it’s just your child doesn’t like the activities we run and is not enjoying themselves, please don’t force them to come, Scouting isn’t for everyone.  We did have a cub who hated the outdoor activities so much his mum asked if he could join Brownies – no kidding, it happens!

I can’t afford a camp?

Again speak to your child’s leader or myself.  No child will be refused a place on a trip or camp due to the financial restraints of the family.

Sometimes I see activities on the Programme that I would like to join in with!

Feel free to join in, we wouldn’t expect you to turn up in uniform though! Speak to your child’s Section Leader, tell them you’re interested and they’ll welcome you with open arms.  Perhaps your job is interesting enough to give a talk or demonstration to the young people, please let us know.

I would like to help now and then but I don’t want to commit to anything long term.

Not a problem.  We have Section Leaders who run the meeting, Assistant Leaders who assist, Colony, Pack or Troop Assistants who don’t have to wear uniform, don’t have to complete training who can just turn up once or twice a month, perhaps this would suit you?

Any other questions? then email 1stwoodendscouts@gmail.com